Channel Messages


Channel Messages

The channel messages section shows all the messages of the currently selected channel.

Channel Header


Channel Header

The channel header displays several information and controls:

  • the name of the current channel.

  • the total number of messages in the channel.

  • add_channel_widget: allows to add a widget on the navigation page for the current channel. See Widgets section for more information.

  • more: this button opens a sub-menu with two actions:

    • export_channel which allows to export the content of the channel in json format.

    • archive_channel which allows to remove a channel. Note that removing a channel will only set a delete tag but no data will be lost. Archiving a channel will be propagated to all other vehicles in the mission.

Channel Content

The channel content shows all the messages. For each message, several information is available:

  • the instance from which the message has been emitted. It can either be GROUND or the name of the vehicle.

  • the name of the user who sent the message

  • the date of emission

  • the message text

When scrolling up the channel content view, the scroll_down_button appears which allows to instantly scroll down to the bottom of the message list.

If a new message is received while fully scrolled down, the scroller will automatically adjust to display the new message. On the contrary, if a new message is received while not scrolled down, the scroller will stay in the current position but the scroll_down_button_with_unread will indicate the number of unread messages.