This section describes all the controls available in the application topbar as well as all the information displayed.


Application topbar

Access service views

The main controls of the topbar allow the user to switch between the different service views, listed here under:

  • navigation to monitor all the fleet of the selected mission (see Navigation)

  • chat to exchange chat messages (see Chat)

  • telemetry to monitor telemetry parameters (see Telemetry)

  • filetransfer to exchange files (see File Transfer)

Additional controls or information

Mission Selector

mission_selector Opens a dialog box which allows to switch between authorized missions.


Mission Selector

By default, the box only shows missions with at least one active vehicle. The show_empty_missions checkbox allows to also display past missions with no active vehicle. Accessing those mission allow to retrieve history or perform flight replays.

Current Time

current_time Current time in UTC. This is the time of the device where the application is displayed, not the time of PLANET server.

Current User

current_user Display current username. Clicking on this button opens a dropdown menuwhere user can logout or change its password.

More Actions

more_actions Dropdown menu with access to History, Admin and this documentation. Note that access to Admin section is restricted to users with admin priviledges.

Local Connection Status

If there is a connection issue between your browser and the PLANET server, the following banner will appear under the topbar.


Disconnected notification

Reconnection is handled automatically. However, if the message persists, check your Internet connectivity for ground users, or your LAN connectivity for onboard users.


MQTT status indication

This indicator does not show the status of the connectivity between the onboard server and the ground server !