Widgets are independant windows that can be displayed as an overlay in the navigation view.

This allows to display additionnal information while staying on the navigation page.


Navigation view with widgets


When widgets are available for a service, the add_widget_button button is present on the page to add the widget to the navigation page.

All the added widgets are placed on a shared grid, over the navigation page.

On this grid, widgets can be resized using the widget_resize_button control which is placed at the bottom right of each widget. Each type of widget has a minimum and maxium size.

Widgets can also be moved on the grid. To move a widget, it has to be grabbed from the header and then moved.


Resizing a widget


Moving a widget

Widgets are verticaly compacted: which means they will always be moved upwards if there is space available. They can’t be freely placed at the bottom of the map.

Widgets are stacked under each others. It may then be possible that widgets do not appear anymore in the extent of the screen.


Widgets are disabled for small mobile devices like smartphones.

They are available for larger devices such as tablets or laptops.

Chat Widgets

Chat widgets can be added from the Chat view.


Chat widget

Each chat widget displays the content of a chat channel.

A dropdown menu allows to switch to a different channel.

Mulitple chat widgets can be opened at the same time.

Telemetry Widgets

Telemetry widgets can be added from a time series tab in the telemetry view.


Telemetry widget

A telemetry widget displays the same content than the tab from which it was opened.

When hovering a plot in a tlemetry widget, a marker appears on the map at the position of the currently hovered telemetry data.


Hovering a plot in a telemetry widget

Other Widgets

Vehicle Attitude

An attitude widget can be opened from the fleet controls for each aircraft of the fleet.


Attitude wiget

This widget can be opened by clicking on the attitude_button button, in the vehicle controls.

For attitude widgets, a pitch and roll values must be present in the position frame.