Get Access to PLANET

Access to PLANET application is performed using a web browser. The same mission display is available for both ground and on-board users, but through different URLs.

PLANET application is supported on all modern browsers (with greater than 1% global usage). This includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Ground Access


For ground interface access: the device must be connected to the Internet.

To access the ground application, connnect to the following URL:


where {CLIENT_ID} has to be replaced by the proper client id string, which can usually be found in the MEMO file.

Onboard Access


For onboard interface access: The device must be connected to the same LAN as PLANET onboard server.

To access the onboard application, connect to the following URL:


where {PLANET_SERVER_IP} has to be replaced by the IP address of PLANET server in the onboard LAN.


Access to PLANET application is password protected:


PLANET login interface


Users are not synchronised between ground and onboard applications.

Using a valid ground login/password to access onboard application may not be possible, unless the same login/password has also been created onboard, and vice versa.


Different users should not login with a shared login/password, as this could lead to usability issues.

Moreover, unlike the previous version of PLANET application, it is no longer possible to change the pseudo on the fly in the chat.


Once successfully logged-in, an authentication token is stored in your local browser. Thus, next time you’ll try to access the application (from the same device, and same browser), no further authentication will be required.

However, you can still choose to logout to remove this authentication token. Thus, login will be required again at the next connection.

User Permissions

There are three levels of users:

  • Admin: has access to Admin section

  • Active: can actively interact with the application (creation of chat messages, geomarkers, …)

  • Passive: can’t interact actively with the application