The history section allows to get access to past data for the mission as well as replay past flights.

The section can be reached from the topbar by clicking on the more_actions button.


History section access

The History view mainly consists in a table which shows all the past flights for the current mission.


History View


Flights are automatically detected by the system. The detection algorithm searches for all days for which a position of one of the mission’s vehicles is present. Several consequences follow from this algorithm:

  • if there are two flights or more the same day, they will be considered as a single flight.

  • if a flight takes place over 2 consecutive days, this will be considered as two separate flights.

  • if a vehicle is now associated with a new mission, the algorithm will still detect flights of that vehicle which occurred during the current mission.

The Flights History table is composed of the following columns:

  • date: the day of the flight

  • from: the starting time of the flight

  • to: the end time of the flight

  • duration: basically from - to duration computation

  • fleet: the list of vehicles’ ids for that flight

  • actions: a list of possible actions: either Download or Replay


If there are more than 1 vehicle in a flight, the from date will be the minimun date of all positions’ dates of the vehicles for that day. Similarly, the end date will be the maximum date of all positions’ dates of the vehicles for that day.


When clicking on download button for a given flight, the following dialog box pops up.


Download dialog

From this dialog box, the user can select which data he wants to download and the output format.

For the geomarkers, there are two possible options (that can both be retrieved):

  • Active at: returns all the geomarkers that were active at the end of the flight.

  • History: any history of all the geomarkers during the flight (i.e. also contains geomarkers that were deleted or modified during the flight).

Once the download is triggered, a zip archive containing all the requested data will be automatically downloaded.


When clicking on replay button for a given flight, the application switches to replay mode, and allows to review the selected flight.

After starting a replay, the application will swithc to replay mode as shown on the following figure.


Replay mode

In replay mode, a replayer bar appears under the topbar. This replayer bar stay present in all the different view of the application.


Replayer bar

The replayer bar is composed of the following element:

  • the current time current_time

  • a play/pause button play_button

  • a slider to manually control the replayed flight slider

  • a dropdown menu to select the time step in play mode step_selector

  • a stop button to exit replay mode stop_button


Replay mode allows to review telemetry (thus tracking) and chat.

Geomarkers and file transfers are not available in replay mode.


Navigation view in replay mode


Telemetry view in replay mode

Creating data in replay mode is not possible, i.e. it is not allowed to draw geomarkers or send chat messages.

Widgets are still available in replay mode.

When exiting the replay mode with the stop_button button, the application will come back to the real time state of the current mission.